Project Manager: Becca Kheiry

Interim Project Manager: Lucy Rukstales

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Public Primary School Students

Public Primary School Students

Overview of Deadlines (detailed list found HERE):

  • 9/12/2019 - Pre-Trip Paperwork Draft was Submitted to Volunteer Village for Edits

  • 10/7/2019 - We received Pre-Trip Paperwork Comments from Volunteer Village

  • 10/24/2019 - Submit Pre-Trip Paperwork Final to Volunteer Village for Approval

  • 1/2/2020 - Travel Team Departs for Uganda!

  • 3/15/2020 - Submit Post-Trip Paperwork to Volunteer Village for Approval

Helpful Links:

Kabingo District Master Plan:


If you’d prefer to email a specific person:

  • Lucy Rukstales (Interim PM, contact for any questions/direction):

  • Chuck Dragga (Mentor, works with all aspects of paperwork, project planning, and community connection):

  • Gordon Miller (Mentor, works with Request for Proposal, contractor selection, and solar/pump work):