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We’re glad you want to be a part of EWB-Miami! Here’s some things you should do to help you get started!

Step 1: Stay in touch! Join our GroupMes!

Step 2: Fill out this interest form so we can see what people are interested in and what operations team you’d like to join! If you’ve done the form, check the operations team list to see what team you’re on!

Step 3: Join us on the Hub!


First Week Intro

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Project Process

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Technical Skills

Project Team Choice!

Project Education Corner

Confused? Looking for more information on an project? Don’t want to navigate the drive all day looking for something important? Same. So we put together a little library of what might be the most helpful documents in our drive to help you with Cross-Project Familiarity. If you’ve got something important that you think would be relevant to all of us and want to put it here, let Becca know!

Step 4: Look around, ask questions, and get involved!

We’ll see you in EGB 270 next Monday!

Contact info: Becca Kheiry,

Come to my office hours! Armstrong 3005, Thursdays 1:30-2

Helpful Background Materials