Info For Brand-New Members

We’re glad you want to be a part of the EWB-Miami Family! Here’s some things you should know/do to help you be best prepared!

Step 1: Join us on The HUB so you’ll be registered on our roster as a member, and be updated with our email list! And if you wanna get even some more -intimate- updates, the other button will take you to be a part of our chapter’s GroupMe!

Step 2: Fill out this interest form, so we can get to know a little more about you, and you can give us an idea about that you’d like to do!

Project Education Corner

Confused? Looking for more information on an project? Don’t want to navigate the drive all day looking for something important? Same. So we put together a little library of what might be the most resourceful documents in our drive to help you with Cross-Project Familiarity. If you’ve got something important that you think would be relevant to all of us and want to put it here, let Jarred know!

Step 3: Look around! There’s plenty of things to get involved in EWB and a lot to learn. At the bottom of this page lies what’s new with our New Member Education Curriculum that we’re rolling out this semester. If you want to know more about anything, This is your place to. There’s links to all of the resources that we use in each weekly lesson!

Well see you in EGB 270 next Monday!

What’s New in New Member Curriculum:

  • Our first session will be a post-megafair info session before the General Body Meeting on Sept. 7th in ROOM. See you at 6:30!

Helpful Background Materials