EWB-Miami Mentors


Dr. Catherine Almquist

Role: Faculty Advisor and Professional Mentor

Background: Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Experience: Study abroad program in Australia and Guatemala in 2019

Fun Facts: Enjoys golf, hiking, and listening to music

Halle Miller

Role: Grant Writing Mentor

Background: Engineering Management, Environmental Science, and Humanitarian Engineering and Computing

Experience: EWB member since 2013 and past Miami-EWB President (2016)

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Gordon Miller

Role: Professional Mentor with focus on Energy Technologies, such as stoves and solar

Background: MS Chemical Engineering USF. 38 years Engineering Leadership at P&G in Cincinnati and Memphis

Experience: Manufacturing Automation and Optimization, modeling and simulation, Corporate recruiting of engineers and scientists. Currently consulting part time

Fun Facts: enjoys golfing and the outdoors


Chuck Dragga

Role: Professional mentor and EWB State Rep for Ohio




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Katie Byrnes

Role: Rwanda Program Mentor

Background: BS in Mechanical Engineering with minor in Chemical Engineering, Wastewater Infrastructure engineering

Experience: 3 trips to Rwanda with EWB and previous EWB-Miami Rwanda Program Manager

Fun facts: enjoys yoga, beekeeping, and hiking

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Mike Brunner

Role: Professional Mentor

Background: BS Civil Engineering from Notre Dame. 41 years experience. Licensed Professional Engineer and Surveyor in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

Experience: Design of roadways, sewer systems, lift stations, storm water detention/retention systems. Surveying for topographic mapping, property boundaries, GPS control nets. Proficient in AutoCAD.

Fun facts: Hobbies include beer-making, gardening, hiking, biking, and traveling. One of my uncles was in the CIA in the 1950s when he disappeared during an assignment in communist Eastern Europe

Alexa Miller