Project Manager: Jack Paul

Office Hours: Every Friday from 11-11:45 AM in Armstrong 3005

Meeting Updates:

2/18/19: Hey everyone! The farm project we participated in was very successful! I have reached out to Mike and Vince about more potential projects we could do in the future. Have a great week!

2/11/19 - Happy Valentine’s Week! Today, we talked about our project in the Boyd Greenhouse this week. Also, we talked a little bit about building a composting bin on the farm.

2/4/19 - Jack will not be at the meeting on Monday.

1/28/19 - Welcome back everyone! Today the new local projects manager, Jack, introduced himself and outlined his goals for the semester.

This Week’s Project/Sign-Up Sheets:




Have a question? Shoot me an email at pauljr2@miamioh.edu