Contact Information

  • Head: Nikki Sundrup

  • Phone Number: (513)-939-6882

  • Email:

  • GroupMe Chat

Time Pressing Updates:

  • Get supplies purchased and made for Phi Delt Gates

  • Sign up for the cups fundraiser

  • Think of ideas and wishes for Orienteering event.

  • Send me some pictures from events if you can…. I would like to use other pictures besides our adds and clip art.


We are engineers…. We are innovators… We can create ideas…. We can create new fundraisers…

  • I have booked the Phi Delta Gates Friday of St. Patrick’s day (March 15). The sign-up sheet has already been uploaded and can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • Cups Fundraiser April 13th from 12-6pm

  • We have decided to move forward on the Orienteering event and planning will start soonish.

  • We made $144.84 on the Chipotle fundraiser! Thanks to those who came out!

  • I’m thinking about calling other restaurants to set up get more fundraisers… Maybe a wings challenge?

  • We will start planning the Battle of the Brains